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  • Studio Maya 603 Bergen Street, Suite #103, Brooklyn, NY 11238 United States (map)

A 2 hours workshop to discover how to embody the heart as an organ and its specificity through breathing, self touch, sounding and opening our attention to what moves us. My body-Mind Centering® approach focuses on accessing and dialoguing with different layers of body systems in order to help you to access the world of the sensations, to refine your feelings and find an ease through movement.

In this specific workshop we’ll get closer to our heart and understand how we connect to it at a psycho-physical level. As we’ll feel how the flow of our blood nurtures our full body we’ll allow the flow of our creativity to arise. Noticing how we sense and feel the different qualities of the circulation of the liquids related to the heart, we'll explore different ways to move through space and being move from within. First we’ll experience others liquid system of our body as a cellular level to earth the body and converse with gravity. Sitting or lying in silence, becoming our inner witness, we will allow ourselves to be nourished and refreshed. We’ll bring sounding and learn simple hands-on practice with partners to deepen our connection to our heart and its connections with other body systems. After seeing anatomy map of the heart, writing and drawing from and moving with our sensations, our imaginations will lead us to a fluid creative journey. The openness of our mind informs and impacts the vitality of our body.

Photography from the book  RAPIDS by Ziji Beth Goren 

"The tendencies to go out and in are always balancing; when they are in equilibrium, you arrive at center." Ziji Beth Goren 



Earlier Event: January 19